Canon PIXMA MG7140 – IFIs and interior detail

Canon PIXMA MG7140 – IFIs and interior detail


    Originally Inkjet MFP were merely a convenient alternative to the printer and scanner, which individually take up much more space. But over time, manufacturers began to build office equipment on the basis of six-color printers, thereby gradually displacing the market for individual devices in the home photo printing. Now the photo-MFP are already quite common. They can boast not only six cartridges, but its original design and construction solutions, touch screen, the presence of wired and wireless network interfaces, support for printing and scanning using mobile gadgets, as well as the ability to work with cloud services. In general, the function of the copier with feed print jobs from a PC MFP turned into real harvesters capable of operating as a fully standalone or in conjunction with computers, and even mobile gadgets. One of these devices came to us for testing. Manufacturer immodestly calls model PIXMA MG7140 premium. Well, let’s see what it premium and how good it is to work.

    ⇡ # specifications claimed by the manufacturer

    Canon PIXMA MG7140
    Print Type
    Inkjet, color
    The type of ink
    Pigmented, water-soluble
    Number of cartridges
    6 individual ink tanks (PGBK, BK, C, M, Y, GY)
    Minimum droplet size, pl
    media type
    Plain paper
    Professional Photo Paper Canon Pro Platinum (PT-101)
    Professional Photo Paper Canon Pro Luster (LU-101)
    Glossy Photo Paper Canon Plus Glossy II (PP-201)
    Semi-gloss Paper Canon Plus Semi-gloss (SG-201)
    Photo paper for everyday printing Canon Everyday Use (GP-501)
    Matte Photo Paper Canon Matte (MP-101)
    Printing paper with high-resolution Canon High Resolution Paper (HR-101N)
    Photo Stickers Canon Photo Stickers (PS-101)
    Material shirt Transfer T-Shirt Canon (TR-301)
    Other art papers
    printing on discs surface
    Maximum format
    Photo format, see
    B5, A5, Letter, Legal, Envelopes (DL size or Commercial 10), 10×15, 13×18, 20×25
    Paper g/m2
    Lower Cassette: Plain paper 64-105, Canon photo paper up to 300
    Upper Cassette: Canon photo paper up to 300
    Maximum resolution, dpi
    Print images
    Automatic duplex printing (A4, A5, B5, Letter)
    Printing on disk surfaces
    Print Area, mm
    Print Speed ​​(b / w A4), p. / Min
    Print speed (color, A4), p. / Min
    Print speed color Photo 10×15 cm, seconds
    21 (borderless printing)
    Color copying
    Copy speed
    sFCOT: approx. for 14 s; sESAT: approx. 7.7 fig. / Min
    Scanner Type
    Sensor type
    Maximum original size
    Maximum scan size, mm
    Scanner resolution, dpi
    Filing of standard paper (front tray)
    Lower Cassette: 125 (plain)
    Upper Cassette: 20 sheets (photo)
    vyxodnogo capacity tray sheets
    Not available
    Hi-Speed ​​USB (port B),
    Ethernet: 10/100 Mbit / s (automatic switching)
    Wi-Fi: IEEE802.11 b / g / n
    PIXMA Cloud Link
    Annex PIXMA Printing Solutions
    Google Cloud Print
    Apple AirPrint
    Printing of e. mail
    connection mode via hotspot WLAN PictBridge
    card reader memory
    Compact Flash, Microdrive, SD Card, SDHC Card, Memory Stick Duo, Memory Stick PRO Duo
    Further information
    Color touchscreen with a diagonal of 8.8 cm
    OS support
    Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP SP3 (32-bit)
    Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later
    Support mobile OS
    iOS Android Windows RT
    Power consumption (operating), W
    Minimum operating temperature, ° C
    Maximum operating temperature, ° C
    Dimensions, mm
    Weight kg
    Warranty, months

    ⇡ # Package

    In testing we got MFP technology in white packaging, and immediately after the local Electronics Show, where the device was presented and, therefore supplied it simply absent. Sales also include samples of six cartridges base capacity, power cable, CD with drivers, additional software and electronic version of the guide member, and a brief printed manual connection and initial configuration.

    ⇡ # Appearance

    Grey homely but practical plastic sticking out in all directions, paper trays, dull, but easy to read keys … this in no MG7140. And what else? After all, the device claims to a premium membership, and was designed not for the office, where one of the required qualities – is resistant to dirt and scratches. Of course, Canon PIXMA MG7140 glossy, glossy and full. There are three color versions – white, black and very bright, but too eccentric red.

    When we removed the device out of the box, mentally crossing his fingers behind his back, his head spun only one thought: “Just not black, because the pictures of her – a real nuisance.” But as luck would have it waiting for us black modification. Of course, black gloss and practicality are completely incompatible. Already after a couple of touches it needs to be wiped, so MFP pleased with their appearance. Dust on the glossy black device is also perfectly visible. Of course, black MFP looks favorable, but more practical white – prints on it visible only at certain angles. Yes and scratches on white modifications not visible. By the way, the varnish is not particularly strong, so the sloppy operation “Piksma” quickly covered with small abrasions. Modification of the red and say nothing – it is for very strange people.

    The main body of the device is not a single classical keys. All of them touch even the power button. By the way, only it is highlighted constantly, and the other buttons (or rather, touch the icon) light up only if the current mode is possible to use them.

    The face of a cursory examination are not visible or trays or output tray, nor any other functional elements. In fact, everything in place, but the flip output tray is very large and is rather like a regular cabinet panel. Paper cassette also successfully camouflaged – immediately notice they are not so simple. Of course, this is partly due to their low capacitance, however two of them – plain paper / envelopes for photocarriers, so the need for constant change packs with no carriers. Lower cassette for plain paper can be slightly increased to install paper format Legal, but the edge of the tape sticks to the front of the unit. This format is unpopular with us, so it’s not a problem.

    As mentioned above, the receiving tray looks like an ordinary cabinet panel. But that’s not all of its features. First, it automatically opens before printing, and automatically expanded and built a small backwater. In principle, it is enough to print on large formats up to A4, but if necessary, use the format of Legal backwater must pull another telescopic section. The second feature – a folding output tray, because it does not need pre-stack back pressure: he hides automatically when you close the lid. Very comfortable and original solution. Of course, we should not forget that there are models MFP in which the receiving tray is equipped with motorized drive, capable of not only automatically lay out the tray, but also to put it when printing is finished and sheets will be removed. The description appears MG7140 feature “premium device”, and that the premium could not be better emphasized it would motorized drive.

    By receiving tray hidden trehslotovoe memory card reader, as well as bay installation CDs. The side surfaces are empty. Rear are sockets for USB-and Ethernet-cable and connector for power. PSU traditionally integrated into the housing of the device. Also back is a removable panel that provides access to the paper feed mechanism.

    Fortunately, for the entire testing period to withdraw the jammed paper never had. Top, in the near to the user of the inclined portion is a large touch screen, as well as several touch icons: the start key (color and monochrome), stop, return to the main menu return to the previous menu level. In addition, there are indicators of a wireless network and errors.

    ⇡ # Connecting and Configuring

    Canon PIXMA MG7140 can be connected directly to a PC as well as on a network – wired or wireless. When connecting the MFP using the USB-cable in Windows OS drivers are installed automatically. However, in this case, the only available direct connection and scanner works solely through WIA-protocol. For wireless connection, and use the scanner via TWAIN-protocol, you must install the driver package. By the way, the latest set of drivers available on the manufacturer’s website. And if you previously had to load all the drivers and software separately, now just download the installer package, which is independently obtain and install a complete package, not only the necessary drivers, but also any additional software. Overall, pretty convenient. When wireless connection is possible as fast automatic setting (if the access point supports WPS), and slow manual. It is noteworthy that when you enter a password to access the wireless router using the virtual keyboard code is fully visible, whereas normally hidden characters after a few moments after entering.

    Of course, if the network connection allows access to all the network functions of the device, of which there are many. To begin with it is worth noting built http-server. Its functionality is quite modestly. In fact only possible network setting, view ink level of service launch procedures MFP firmware update, as well as setting the parameters of AirPrint and Google Cloud Print. But thanks for that.

    MFP also supports devices running the most widespread mobile OS: iOS, Android, Windows RT. It is noteworthy that when connecting mobile gadgets can not only print, but scan. Also, the free software PIXMA Printing Solutions, which is available for download in the respective app stores, you can view on your smartphone or tablet ink level and change some settings MFP. But freeware mobile version of the popular shell VueScan, which supports multiple devices Canon PIXMA MX series and MG, with a test MFP yet not started a friendship.

    inserted in the memory card reader when connected directly to a PC are seen as external drives. Moreover, they are available as network folders. In the HP cards are also able picks up as a network drive, so here does not happen, that’s amazing. Moreover, access to the memory cards on the network can not advertised by the manufacturer, that is doubly surprising.

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