Canon introduced a cinematic super telephoto CN20x50 servo

Canon introduced a cinematic super telephoto CN20x50 servo


    Canon expands its range of cinema lenses with servo new model CN20x50 – productive super telephoto lens with variable focal length for television shooting nature and sporting events.

    According to the creators, this is the first lens of this type, combining built-in extender 1,5x, best-in-class 20-fold increase, and a removable actuator, which extends its own focal length range of 50-1000 mm to 75-1500 mm.

    Canon CN20x50 designed as a portable solution for television production with the use of cameras Super-35 (HD, UHD or 4K).

    Canon CN20x50 weighs 6.6 kg (this is a little lens that level), it allows the television group, a leading sports and documentary photography, working at a considerable distance from the object, but to get the high quality material.

    Thanks to high-quality optics and protection from weathering and shock new lens can be used even under the most adverse conditions, says Canon. Lens Canon CN20x50 is compatible with a large number of cameras, supports communication between the lens and the camera, and will be available in versions with EF bayonet or PL.

    In the version with the EF mount uses its own system of Canon, a variant of PL-mount support JavaScript Cooke’s/i Technology. Both models have a 12-pin connector for integration with advanced television broadcasting equipment.

    The focus ring of the lens rotates 180 degrees. Lens design supports a variety of accessories for film and telephoto, including control modules, zoom and focus, compendiums and modules with gears 0.8 and 0.5 (for example, in systems of continuous focus). Canon CN20x50 issue will be held in the first quarter of 2015, the cost of the lens will be $ 78 000 (in the USA).

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