Bruvelo: clever coffee for lazy

Bruvelo: clever coffee for lazy


    You probably already noticed the difference between coffee that you cook at home, and flavored drink that you get a good coffee shop? The reason is simple, good coffee is obtained only when the fresh roasted coffee beans are ground just before brewing coffee, and each step in its manufacture – water quality, amount of grinding, heating, saturation, duration of all processes – pay close attention.

    And if the coffee maker can also be remotely controlled from a smartphone through a network of WiFi? And you also can set the coffee machine remotely freeness view brewed beverage and cooking time, checking with the best recipe?

    That such a device, called Bruvelo, now trying to get financing on the website Kickstarter, and has already received more than half of the requested amount of $ 150 000.

    Bruvelo – it’s “smart” Internet-connected coffee machine that automates the old tradition of manual preparation of coffee. It is equipped with a high quality water filter, supports some degree of grinding grains and contains three preset profiles for rapid preparation of the beverage.

    In addition, you can create your own recipes, which determines the temperature of the water, the ratio of coffee and water, cooking time, etc. All recipes are stored and can be used again by pressing a button in a mobile application.

    The only thing that can not do this “smart” coffee, it wash over you and put a fresh cup for the next batch.

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