Samsung UE65HU9000T Review: the ultimate dream

Samsung UE65HU9000T Review: the ultimate dream


    In 65-inch TV Samsung UE65HU9000T combined not only two new trend – a large curved screen and a resolution of 4K, but also a whole heap of proprietary technologies. How that eventually happened and how to use it all – read in our review.

    Last couple of years the market of TVs ruled boredom and apathy. None of the manufacturers have long showed no innovation: Full HD resolution is firmly rooted even in the budget segment of the market, there is the possibility of gradually changing 3D-video playback. Even the smart TV function lost pleasant novelty effect.

    Trio 4K TV with a curved screen

    The advent of TVs with unprecedented 4K became gradually revive this market, that’s just the cost of TV strongly inhibits the arrival of a new standard in mass. Price for the first 4K TVs ranged between $ 12200 and $ 24500.

    Alas, afford such a purchase could not every fan of new technologies. Now there are new, Bole cheap models: join the world of 4K flat when viewed TVs Samsung, can be for an amount of $ 1000, and there are also curved TVs – they ask for $ 1600.

    Today we tell about the 65-inch TV Samsung UE65HU9000T with curved screen, whose resolution is 4K. Also worth mentioning is that the hero of this article refers to the ninth, the most pumped series TVs Samsung, and hence other nice bonuses he will have many.

    Specifications Samsung UE65HU9000T

    Samsung UE65HU9000T
    Diagonal, Inches 65
    Aspect ratio 16: 9
    Coating Matrix Glossy
    Screen resolution pixels. 3840×2160
    PPI 67.78
    Radius of curvature 4.2 meters
    Support for 3D, 3D type Yes, active 3D
    Image Options
    Type of matrix S-PVA
    Claimed gamut ND
    Type of lighting LED
    Max.Brightness in cd / m2 ND
    Contrast the static ND
    Contrast dynamic “Mega-contrast”
    Display Color ND
    Horizontal refresh rate, kHz ND
    Vertical refresh rate, Hz ND
    Response time BtW, ms ND
    Response time GtG, ms ND
    The maximum viewing angles
    horizontal / vertical, °
    Connectors and Tuners
    Connectors TV 1 x Connector Samsung One Connect;
    1 x Power connector
    Module connectors Samsung One Connect
    (Connected via a universal connector TV)
    4 x HDMI 1.4;
    2 x USB 2.0;
    1 x USB 3.0;
    3 x coaxial antenna input;
    1 x Common Interface (CI +);
    1 x Ethernet;
    1 x connector for adapter with komopzitnym konponentnymi and connectors, 3.5mm audio output or SCART;
    1 x Connector One Connect (for connecting the module to the TV)
    Digital TV Tuner DVB-T2;
    Analog TV Tuner Yes
    Wi-Fi Built, 802.11 / g / n, 2,4 and 5 GHz
    Built-in speakers: the number x power, W 2 (15 + 15 W) and the dynamics of 2 (15 + 15 W) Subwoofer
    Physical parameters
    Screen position adjustment No
    VESA-mount: Dimensions (mm) Vesa 400×400 mm
    Fixing the Kensington No
    Power supply unit Internal
    Max.power consumption
    work / standby (W)
    297 / 0.3
    Overall dimensions
    (With stand) LxHxD mm
    1 450,7×891,6×326,8
    Overall dimensions
    (Without stand) LxHxD mm
    1 450,7×848,2×110,5
    Net Weight (with stand), kg 31
    Net weight (without stand), kg 26.8
    Warranty period 2 years
    Estimated price
    $ 4900

    The manufacturer does not have very many characteristics of the TV, such as brightness and contrast of the screen static. Type of matrix on the official website is also not specified, but we were able to find out that the TV set matrix S-PVA.

    Unfortunately, so buying information – not the exception but the rule: the Samsung a few years ago decided not to publish the full specs of the TV on its website. Well, the more interesting is the section “Testing”, in which we measure the brightness characteristics of the TV screen, color gamut, and other settings.

    What is known for certain about the screen Samsung UE65HU9000T, is its resolution – 4K (ie 3840×2160 pixels) and its diagonal – 65 inches, also declared support functions Clear Motion Rate 1200. From the name of the latter may have the impression that the refresh rate our guinea is 1200 Hz, but in fact it is not.

    Any, even the most modern LCD matrix is ​​not able to show a screen refresh rate, so in order to achieve this result, the engineers had to use Samsung TV backlight (increase the frequency of its flicker), enable Overdrive and CPU load of the TV. On the effects of the acceleration of the matrix, we also talk in testing. With respect to the curved screen, the radius of curvature of 4.2 m.

    Any modern TV for almost scored the eyeballs “uluchshayzer” image – an algorithm that in real time to optimize the image on your screen. Was no exception and our guinea. Besides the basic color controls, video processor tv monitors not only for color reproduction, but also for the brightness of the light objects – lowers it if such an object appears on a black background.

    Thanks to this “uluchshayzer” in light objects disappear parasitic halo that can be seen in other, less expensive TVs. Contrast in Samsung UE65HU9000T can change dynamically as the screen on the whole and in its individual sections, which hints at the presence of a full LED backlight.

    In general, everything here is like any of the coolest and the modern TV: thoroughly and for all occasions.

    Speaking of “uluchshayzer” worth mentioning automatic conversion of the incoming signal to a standard 4K – it is the hero of this article has a separate processor Samsung UHD Picture Engine. This processor is not just stretches the incoming signal, it monitors the brightness and contrast of the resulting image, and tries dorisovyvat details that could be affected by extrapolation. About his work, we also describe in the “testing”.

    All connectors are assembled on a single TV remote modules – One Connect (Smart Evolution Kit). Read more about it – a little later, while only say that the ports have Samsung UE65HU9000T enough for everyone.

    The tv has a quartet HDMI 2.0, the trio USB (one of which belongs to the third version). Even a few connectors for antennas available. Watch Satellite TV is possible without an external receiver: TV supports digital tuner DVB-T2, DVB-C and DVB-S2, as well as CE + connector for connecting CAM-modules with smart cards. Analogue tuner, of course, also available – built.

    Wireless Module is located inside the TV that supports the frequencies of 2.5 and 5 GHz and standards 802.11 g / n. Well, if you connect the TV to the Internet via Wi-Fi did not want to, you can use port Ethernet, located in Module One Connect.

    Price from Samsung UE65HU9000T to match his abilities. At the time of this writing for television will have to pay about $ 4900, though the internet you can also find interesting. If this amount seems huge, you can look at the other curved TV Samsung (including Full HD-TV) – the price of these models starts from $ 1200.

    Appearance Samsung UE65HU9000T

    At first glance, the concave screen Samsung UE65HU9000T seems somehow strange and unusual, but this feeling will disappear after the first few minutes of watching videos on it. It is likely that during habituation will vary depending on the viewer, but, in our opinion, it is a great should not be. According to Samsung, curved screen provides a total immersion in the atmosphere of the film, rather than the usual screen.

    To feel the full sensation of a curved screen, watch videos on Samsung UE65HU9000T stands alone or as a couple – the third in just such a company would be superfluous. Sit as far as possible is worth close to the center of the circle, which is the sector of the screen, that is exactly in the center, at a distance somewhere 4 feet from the TV.

    And if the couple is more or less real, then the third just does not get even close to the point where the picture will look better.

    The screen Samsung UE65HU9000T glossy, so, before it should not be a source of bright light or windows – a concave screen glare also collects well as flat, if not better. But the image quality of the hero of our article order: more on this, we’ll talk in the “testing”, and while we can only say that the bending of the screen does not ruin the picture quality.

    At the upper end of the screen is a tiny webcam. Its resolution is not precisely stated on the website, but, according to representatives of Samsung, it is a 2 MP, ie recording in Full HD, it will pull easily. The camera can be used to control your TV using gestures or to communicate via “Skype”. For example, you can call friends and surprise them with the phrase: “Hey, I call to you from the TV!” The surprise effect is guaranteed.

    In order to be able to control your TV by a simple flick of the wrist, it is necessary to ensure that the camera – like the screen – was not directed at bright light sources or window. In addition, after the first turn on the TV you will need some time to get used to the room: its scope and coverage.

    Therefore, in the first days after the purchase, this function may not work correctly. But if from the gaze of Big Brother will be uncomfortable, the camera can be hidden in the TV cabinet with a click.

    Traditionally, the left or right sides of LCD TVs is an impressive set of connectors. Creators Samsung UE65HU9000T decided to move away from this evil practice and is located on the side of the TV is only one connector – universal.

    To this module is connected Samsung One Connect, which are located all other ports. Over time, it will be possible to upgrade the TV, interchangeable modules One Connect on UHD Evolution Kit. This will require to purchase a new module and connect it to the TV instead of the old, which is very convenient and practical.

    Furthermore, this approach solves another serious problem: connecting new cables to be hanged on the wall TV. The fact is that if the TV hanging on the wall, but still close to it, then connect a new HDMI-cable or USB flash drive previously had only to touch – in general, a simple and easy procedure was not.

    On the back of the TV as minimalism reigns. There is a power connector, cable holder and five-way joystick for controlling the TV.

    Now look closer module Samsung One Connect. It is a heavy rectangular box, made in the same style as the television itself. Is that the unit – not curved.

    On the rear panel of the Samsung One Connect situated connector CI +, intended to connect the CAM-modules, smart cards, three antenna input quartet HDMI 1.4, Ethernet, and two proprietary connectors Samsung, which connect adapters with component and composite connectors and with SCART.

    On the right side of the module is the third version of a USB port and a pair of USB 2.0. Manufacturer carefully pointed amperage, which can give the ports and, judging by this labeling problem connecting modern 2.5-inch external hard drives should arise. Also on this side is the optical audio output and a connector for the “IR adapter” for transmitting IR signals to external devices that do not support management over HDMI.

    The essence of the “IR adapter” is as follows: panel from Samsung UE65HU9000T to transfer almost all commands uses the Bluetooth, and then use it as a universal remote control will not work. It will have to use the “IR adapter” supplied with the TV.

    This adapter should be connected to the appropriate connector on the block Samsung One Conenct, and then install the transmitter adapter opposite the IR receiver of the external device. Send commands to a device can be using the virtual console screen, which we describe next.

    Remote control Samsung UE65HU9000T

    Long time TV producers have put in a box with the flagship and just two expensive TV remote: normal, large console with lots of buttons, and a smaller controller for controlling voice and gestures, and endowed with a small touch pad – an analog of the touchpad on laptops.

    Such care about the user only looked nice from the outside, because the second panel supports a limited set of functions. Therefore, if the TV had to do something non-trivial example to channel №42, then had to look normal, large remote control.

    In addition, it was necessary to constantly monitor two remote – not to lose both. Everyone who once lost pultik at the wrong time, can remember his despair and safely multiply it by two – this can be tested by losing two in a room remote from one TV set.

    But the worst thing was different. If there are two panels in the room stopped working one of the most important family rules “who pultik – and the chief.” Samsung decided to restore the delicate balance of family and put in a box with Samsung UE65HU9000T only one remote control: a small, versatile and very convenient Samsung Smart Control.

    Control your TV and all of its functions using a smart remote control in several ways: the usual arrow keys, voice (in Samsung Smart Control installed microphone) and using gestures.

    It is clear that the control gestures with the remote is similar to that of using his hands, but for the first version gesturing do not need built-in camera.

    Remote from Samsung UE65HU9000T perfectly placed in the palm of your hand, not to slip in the most important moment, and get to all of its buttons can be quite fast. Because of the failure of the digital unit was able to reduce the length of the console: now no longer have to drag the thumb buttons to enable or source selection.

    Perhaps it was one of the most uncomfortable operations on your TV. Well, if you need to include favorite channel №42, then come to the aid of the display panel, which can be accessed at the touch of a button. Controlled from console screen – you can with the help of four buttons Samsung Smart Control or gestures.

    Clever half Samsung UE65HU9000T

    The clever part is called the TV Samsung Smart Hub. This hub contains both pre-installed applications – like the browser – and downloaded the program. In their previous TV Samsung is constantly working on improving the clever part of the TV, and, judging by the appearance of smart TV 2014 release, the Korean giant developers continue to move towards success.

    The updated Smart Hub became stricter and more concise, getting rid of different graphic frills and other unnecessary frills went to him only benefit.

    Samsung Smart Hub is divided into several screens: “Games”, “Applications Samsung Apps”, “On the air”, “Movies and TV Shows” and “Multimedia”. In our review TV Samsung UE65HU9000T were available only three sections: “Applications”, “Movies and TV Shows” and “Multimedia” – probably due to the fact that the hero of our paper is in the shop and some of its ‘smart’ features have been disabled.

    As you can guess, is used to launch applications very first screen Smart Hub. Also you can go through it in a virtual shop Samsung, where you can find other applications for the TV. That’s just to install them available to the user only 4.6 GB of memory – and increase the amount can not be.

    In the second screen, you can look at a list of popular movies and TV shows, and entertainment to choose their liking. However, this can be done, and by means of application on the first screen.

    On the third screen, “Multimedia”, not only can watch popular videos from the Internet. With it you can play the contents USB-drive, search content on your home network using the DLNA protocol, or use a similar utility Samsung Link. Also with the help of this screen, you can view a video that can be recorded on a TV connected to it the hard disk.

    The clever part of the TV is not limited to applications. Samsung UE65HU9000T can manage as a gesture – which we have already mentioned – and voice. To do this, press the microphone button on the remote Smart Control team and said into the microphone, located in the same place.

    With the help of voice can change channels, change the sound and move around. Also, our test subject is able to understand simple commands like “weather” or search on the Internet, although to a full assistant to him yet far. Just keep in mind that this function for the first time may run rough, the TV has to get used to the voice of the host, and to the acoustic characteristics of the room in which it will be installed.

    Menu Samsung UE65HU9000T

    Design menu in Samsung TVs is almost unchanged over the past years, which is quite understandable. Developers managed to make a simple, convenient and intuitive menu, which can handle even the novice user. For this the short hints explaining the value of items.

    Navigate through the menu using the buttons on the remote control with your voice or gestures that can be performed using a hand or remote control.

    In the first menu item, all the settings of the image, both simple and complex. The availability of options depends on the selected mode of the image, such as connecting the video source and the source itself: a set of options for the connected computer and Blu-Ray players will be different.

    The value of the item “Sound” is clear from the title – you can adjust the audio subsystem TV work.

    The next two paragraphs can be configured air channels, as well as the work of wired and wireless networks.

    In the other three points, you can configure a job Samsung Smart Hub, a TV deal with the settings, do not touch the image and find detailed online instructions.

    Testing Samsung UE65HU9000T

    We have thoroughly tested the TV Samsung UE65HU9000T. First, we conducted a visual assessment of the image using the test clips and “television benchmark FPD”, and then we turned off all the “uluchshayzery” image and checked the TV screen using a colorimeter X-Rite i1Display Pro. All test videos played using the integrated media player, and the benchmark FPD – using the player Blu-Ray.

    Visual assessment of image quality

    Let’s start with playing videos shot in 4K. With color reproduction at Samsung UE65HU9000T found no problems: to tones, tones and tonal transitions, we also do not have any questions – LCD TV, they were quite smooth.

    Image details in the shadows are not disappearing, while white objects depicted on a dark or black background, there was no light halos. Auto Contrast function band, that is, the automatic brightness changes in selected areas of the image, worked with lightning speed – eye can not capture local variations of brightness.

    These results evaluation test can be called good. Image quality is the hero of this article corresponds to modern flagships. However, “good” does not mean “perfect” – a couple of drawbacks in our guinea yet been found.

    Firstly, while setting the maximum values ​​of the function Clear Motion Rate (provides smooth motion) at a constant speed of moving objects begin to appear artifacts. And the colors on the screen seemed too rich, which is characteristic of almost all Korean TV.

    Fortunately, these shortcomings can be addressed independently in the TV menu: Clear Motion Rate effect can be reduced or disabled, and colors – result in acceptable form. However, to perform the last paragraph should be patient and test tables or colorimeter like us.

    Now check the operation of the processor Samsung UHD Picture Engine, which is to adapt the video content at 4K resolution. To do this, we took a few official trailer Big Buck Bunny at 1080p and 4K and compared the picture quality in both commercials.

    Auto zoom function very well coped with its task – to distinguish video Full HD, stretch to 4K, 4K of this was possible only on the small details of the image, in which the effect of “stretching” was pronounced the most.

    As for the video with HD resolution or below, there is no help, no proprietary technology scaling – the quality of the source material is too low, so artefaktoov when extrapolated to much larger and the picture becomes soapy.

    With 3D-video is also no problem. Dynamic scenes are displayed clearly, and see that they can be almost any angle. Active glasses sinhroniziryutsya TV over Bluetooth, which is much better and more convenient to just IR synchronization.

    Before proceeding to the test with a colorimeter, it is worth to write about the built-in media player. In short, it is omnivorous and supports all current formats of today, containers and video codecs. For example, you can use it to watch the video with a resolution of 4K and 60 frames per second, compressed by both the old standard H.264, and on the new H.265.

    Testing Samsung UE65HU9000T using a colorimeter

    So we got to the most interesting part of our review – in this section, we measure the characteristics that did not indicate the manufacturer. Let’s start with simple tests – with the brightness and contrast. Recall that all the “betterizers” images available on the menu were disabled.

    The maximum brightness of white and black fields amounted to 364 cd / m 2 and 0.16 cd / m 2, respectively. As a result, we get a static contrast ratio of 2275: 1. And the results can be called great: the manufacturer has to make high brightness white, not overstating it when the brightness of black field.

    Color coverage was 104.3% of the sRGB color space and 77.3% of the Adobe RGB. Here all is well – for the TV and do not need more. Here are just a white point is far away from the reference point of D65.

    Color temperature at Samsung UE65HU9000T was slightly above normal in 6500 kelvin, with on the whole range of measurements. This means that the white gets a little blue. However, it can be noticed only when put next two TVs, one of which is devoid of this shortcoming.

    The graph of three basic gamma curve shows that the range of red and green colors follow the reference curve and deviate from it slightly. But the blue gamma deviates much stronger. But at all scales of gray more than good – it almost merges with the reference curve.

    At the end look at the color deviation Delta E. The mean value was 1.41 Delta E units, and the maximum – 2.72. For TV the result is excellent – we recall the figures fit into the requirements for professional monitors.


    So, it’s time to take stock. We reviewed the TV Samsung UE65HU9000T was a success: in this model, the manufacturer was able to combine fashion and modern trends in the TV market with its proprietary technologies and, more importantly, almost perfect screen.

    Firstly, our hero gives a really great picture, and a concave screen did leave some new, positive feeling from watching TV. When the visual image evaluation, we found only two claims, but they are easy to fix with the help menu.

    As for the test using a colorimeter, here too, almost everything is perfect. Of the shortcomings worth mentioning a little increased color temperature and a slight deviation from the gamma curve of blue. The rest – all as a textbook: correctness of the colors and shades, high brightness, excellent contrast.

    About 3D support and also omnivorous media player can not tell – the flagship television is the default and should work well: it is part of the TV. Smart also get a decent – it has almost everything you need, except, perhaps, full voice assistant like Siri.

    Well, if you ever come a time when “smart features” TV is not enough, then go to the store for a new TV is not necessary. Thanks to the concept of “upgrade TV”, which successfully developed in Samsung, for “teaching an old horse new tricks” you can buy a module Samsung One Connect, which can be accessed and new “chips” and, perhaps, even the connectors.

    In general, television Samsung UE65HU9000T can be called a dream lover of high technology and high-quality video. Of special mention is the warranty on the TV: its period is 2 years, and in the first year you can take the unit back to the store and pick up the money – if suddenly you something in It was not pleasant.

    However, in view of the above, please do not, in our opinion, can only price – we recall, on average it is $ 4900.

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