Bob Carlos Clarke

Bob Carlos Clarke


    “In photography, the main thing – it is the imagination and the ability to move an idea created in the imagination of the image on film equipment here plays the same role as the cutter sculpture.”

    Bob Carlos Clarke’s style is very individual, his photographs can be found at a glance. Profession Photographer Carlos Clarke mastered in college and after the shooting for various publications – mostly for men’s magazines and journals devoted to cars and motorcycles. His works of this period are filled with sex, violence and the philosophy of consumption. Carlos Clarke was often criticized for the use of such details as cars and weapons, as well as for the fact that he takes women as some fantastic creatures, and not the living. But Carlos Clarke such criticism does not bother: “My pictures are considered strong. If this were not so, it is unlikely that I succeeded in what I do. ” He denies that these photos are part of his philosophy of life. That’s how he sees it: “In 40 percent of them from me, but the remaining 60 per cent – is what he wants at the moment the market.”

    фото Боб Карлос Кларк Figure 1. Typical Carlos Clarke shot: model awkwardly sitting on a chair, her makeup smeared with tears. Clark used a deceptively simple lighting – in full accordance with its current rules, according to which picture should “tell the story” and should not be overloaded and whimsical light techniques. 150 mm lens., Nikon, V’25 sec., F/16

    Now Carlos Clark is back in fashion, but he, like anyone, is aware that work in a glamorous and advertising photography makes it dependent on fickle fashion. Once he has had a chance to experience it for yourself: after several years of use of sex and violence in order to promote the products, he suddenly found himself in Los Angeles early eighties, where in full force entered the philosophy of political correctness. Carlos Clarke’s work discordant with what wanted at the moment the majority of consumers, and his agent advised him to be excluded from the most stringent portfolio pictures. He somehow made ends meet as long as one of his trademark shots depicting a woman in tight rubber dress, weeping on the steps of the mausoleum, it was purchased by the manufacturer of the cleaning liquid. Sexy again in vogue. Career Carlos Clark experienced another rise.

    Inspiration for your images Clark draws in a variety of places and things: for example, “a subject that I somehow found lying in a junk shop. His form has attracted my attention. ” He is helpful to stick around London, looking around. It monitors current trends and external influences inevitably find expression in his work. Looking back, Clark realizes that a significant part of his early work, despite the immediacy of their themes were peculiar sentimentality and nostalgia. Eventually, however, these qualities have become the hallmark of his pictures, and served only as an initial step on the way to his subsequent work, moved apart the boundaries of what was considered acceptable in advertising. One of these pictures showing a woman reclining in a sports car, meant: “Do not you want to own and one another?”. Another picture – picture guy in the bar, which is just two girls kiss – as if to say: “Drink this beer, and your male fantasies become reality.” His series of pictures advertising luxury clothing – filled in the form of elaborate scenes portrayed a woman whose beauty led all saw her men to death and injury, because they are completely focused on her instead of looking where they are going. This ad has caused numerous complaints. It was modern, sexy and funny.

    This approach is markedly different from his early work, when selecting items Kpayv completely relied on the case. While he rarely had a clear and detailed picture of what he wants to achieve during a particular session, but it did not matter much. First, he made black and white pictures and be able to change the picture for printing. Secondly, he painted them by hand and could optionally give them any color. And finally, many of his early pictures were mounted. This meant that the image actually consists of separate parts after the shooting.

    Now Carlos Clarke makes a scene outline before to take up the camera, and starts to spend film only when it has a solid idea of ​​what he wants to achieve.

    фото Боб Карлос Кларк Figure 2. Creating this image started with a rough picture of clay forest road. Then Carlos Clarke Additioncirculation two small parts of the negative. He hired a model in the studio and made two pictures of her, giving a print of a bluish tint. Four prints were mounted on • full picture, and Clark painted them using watercolor fotokrasiteley. Shadows along the edges of the central portion of the image were made in the last turn with an airbrush. 150 mm lens., Nikon, 1/250., Sec., F/5.6.

    Careful planning and concise picture of Clark made popular photographer. He very meticulously relates to what is in the frame. According to him, he continually restricts itself and removes everything that is not necessary to create the desired effect. Especially Clark emphasizes that all elements of the image should complement each other, because even the slightest mistake can negate all the dignity of the image.

    Although creating images Clark wide use graphical technique, he emphatically reiterates that the technician is only a means to an end. However, if you do not pay attention to how a certain technique is reflected in the final result, there is a danger that it will dominate the image and ruin the shot.

    Models pictures Carlos Clarke – not the people, but only the image. He uses them to give the painting an element of sexuality. Similarly, as the machines in his photos are masculine, model symbolize sexual threat. Mystical Tint peculiar work Clark achieved a thoughtful choice of models, accessories, locations and shooting skills. All this contributes to the creation of impregnating his sinister pictures fantastic atmosphere. Typically, Clark works with professional models, but his last film, advertising associated with nightclubs, was so provocative that professionals could not relax to the right degree and create the desired impression. Clark had to turn to friends and even strangers on the street girls. One of the girls, dancer, just quarreled with her boyfriend, the other on the eve till late night fun at the party. Gathered together, they were able to create the dense the urban atmosphere, which could not achieve flawless professional model.

    Carlos Clarke complains common to many amateur photographers obsession equipment. “In photography, he says, – most importantly – it is imagination and the ability to move an idea conceived shot on film. Equipment plays the same role as the cutter sculpture. ”

    фото Боб Карлос Кларк Figure 3. This photo is taken from the last book of Carlos Clarke “Shooting Sex”, which describes his journey from student to virtuoso professional. Bright lighting emphasizes flashy attire color model and its predatory posture. 150 mm lens., Nikon, 1/125 sec., F/16

    His success as an advertising photographer suggests that he is well versed in the economic side of the business. Nevertheless, he separates himself from much of the running orders. “If I identify with advertising photography, which do, I would imagine heart broke every day,” says Clark.

    Clark is extremely serious about his work. He pedant in regard to image quality. For himself, he makes a year is not more than twenty photographs. Up each takes several days, sometimes weeks. “When I look through my old work – says Clark – I hardly find four pictures that could be proud of.”

    Works Carlos Clarke successfully moved the line between reality and fiction. That tried to reach the many photographers, but only a few could. The main reason for the success of Clark – Latitude technical skills that allowed him to give freedom to the imagination.

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