Bluetooth-mark loves Fizzly entertainment

Bluetooth-mark loves Fizzly entertainment


    Fizzly – this Bluetooth-label to automate part of everyday processes. Gadget captures changes its location and sends the data to your smartphone, and then analyzes the latest information received and launches one or another process. If the mobile device is out of range, then the label records testify to the internal memory and sends them at the first opportunity. The idea itself is not new, but the creators Fizzly emphasize the abundance of various entertainment software, extends the scope of new items. For example, developers propose to attach a label to a skateboard to a special application analyzed perform tricks and score. Authors Fizzly provide open access to the API, which implies the emergence of third-party applications in addition to the standard set.


    Fizzly has built ” squeaker ” and LED backlight, which can change its color. The main body of the device is present capacitive button – its functionality depends on the software. Special opening allows to fix the gadget on a bunch of keys. Novelty has a built-in battery with 200 mAh battery, which is used for recharging connector micro-USB.

    The estimated cost is $ 49 Fizzly, the device will be available in four colors – black, green, blue and pink. In selling gadget goes until mid next year, but pre-order via Kickstarter is available now.

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