Bit By Bit (B3): Be an inventor on the go

Bit By Bit (B3): Be an inventor on the go


    Bit By Bit

    Developers behind a new Indiegogo campaign, Bit By Bit or simply B3, are looking to empower individuals in the burgeoning Internet of Things (IoT) by making the Raspberry Pi accessible to everyone. In order to expand the field, they look to not only make the introduction to these technologies easy but fun and intuitive as well. For all this, Bit By Bit has plenty to offer those of all ages. It allows schoolchildren to be immersed into this cutting edge field from a young age; learning about coding and circuitry easily where it used to take advanced knowledge and equipment before real-world applications ever came into view. Excited spectators drooling over the possibilities coming when all their devices can communicate are now able to jump in and start participating immediately instead. More advanced users can take advantage Bit By Bit’s collaborative, cloud-based environment dubbed the Fun Store where anybody can create, install, and modify others’ hardware apps from a user-friendly GUI.

    Bit By Bit is about the size of a mini-tablet and uses the Raspberry Pi as its base. It can be made into a toy phone, a music player, or a remote control and more with an assortment of B-covers that change the device’s interface. There are also fans, sensors, and other included hardware to allow users to design their own games or custom products. With all this to offer, Bit By Bit promises to allow anybody who so wants to get in on the empowerment that decentralized, open source computing like Raspberry Pi has already been bringing to those already more technically inclined.Bit By Bit B-Covers

    Watch their campaign video below or find it along with even more information on their campaign page where you support their campaign or even take advantage of their Early Bird Featured perk and be 1 of 50 to get their Bit By Bit before anybody else! They are looking to raise a total of $40,000 and intend to use these funds to; assemble all electronics required, begin mass production of Bit By Bit enclosures, prepare and test 1,000 apps for launch of the Fun Store, and then begin shipping Bit By Bit’s to backers.

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