BEMO turns smartphone into advanced thermostat

BEMO turns smartphone into advanced thermostat


    The regiment unusual Kickstarter-projects came. Meet, BEMO – device that allows you to turn an old smartphone into a thermostat with advanced functionality. Newbie looks like a small unit in black or white, which replaces a conventional wall-mounted controller.

    Smartphone based on Android or iOS connects to the BEMO with a cable. After installing the appropriate software, the user receives a full thermostat, which has a cellular module and battery in case of emergency.


    This design allows you to control the climate in the room remotely, via the Internet. In addition, it is able to determine how close to home are tenants, and adjust the temperature accordingly. Of course, there is also a function of the work on schedule.

    By direct interaction with the gadget as a governing body acts as a large and high-quality screen smartphone – this is another argument in favor of BEMO. Finally, the new product allows you to save a good idea: the module itself is valued at $ 129, and the old smartphone in almost every house.

    BEMO Home sales scheduled for August 2015, but fundraising has is rather sluggish: this week the authors were able to get to the level of $ 3,000, and the intended amount is 50 000 dollars.

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