Bed-catapult for fast wake-up (2 videos)

Bed-catapult for fast wake-up (2 videos)


    want to get out of bed in the morning on the first call alarm clock? No problems! Not worth to install several yourself upominalok-alarms on your Smartphone, you need not put ingenious puzzles as code blocking. Bed-catapult High Voltage Ejector Bed by inventor Colin Furze, be the efficient factor. The invention literally throw you with yourself, not giving clients “5 more minutes” under a warm blanket. Moreover, the bed also has flashing lights and very loud pipes in case fly out of bed will do little for awakening. Power is regulated by the mechanism itself and setting up this option, the main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise Hibernate just vpechataet in the opposite wall of the room.

    but rather as a handy enthusiast Colin made his bed can be seen in the following video:


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