Battery Roost teach an old smoke detector new trick

Battery Roost teach an old smoke detector new trick


    Roost – excellent addition to the traditional smoke detector hanging from the ceiling. NEW looks like a regular 9-volt battery – This is the battery used in most of the detectors. At the same energy – this is the main, but not the only task Roost: unusual gadget called to send its owner a notice in case of operation of the sensor.


    To communicate with the router uses the new module Wi-Fi, which is activated only in emergency cases. This approach ensures a long battery life: Standard detector it is enough for about five years. When the battery level is close to zero, Roost will warn you of its owner. The gadget can be used in conjunction with mobile devices based on iOS or Android.

    Thanks to the simplicity of construction, Roost is a very democratic price tag of $ 35 – this is a small fee for peace of mind. Start selling gadget scheduled for the second quarter of 2015.

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