Baton – analogue Handoff from Cyanogen and Nextbit

Baton – analogue Handoff from Cyanogen and Nextbit


    Companies Cyanogen and Nextbit yet announced the start of the summer to work together on innovative software tokens for flashing CyanogenMod.

    Baton – аналог Handoff от Cyanogen и Nextbit

    The result of their fruitful work has become a function of Baton, to enable users to run applications on several of their device, transmitting their state “on the fly” through the network.

    Baton close “brother” is Handoff from iOS 8.1. The whole point of technology is that it allows you to continue to work with other open applications on your device without any extra “gestures.” Thus, in the case of Baton, developers do not need to incorporate any complicated functional in each new application. The ability to transfer the running application to another device will be “out of the box” supports firmware.

    The special features include Baton synchronization of applications and data across multiple devices, enabling the owner to work on all available devices without starting all over again, open applications can be sent to another device in its current state, it is possible to store data and applications in the cloud for later “Play” on the other device.

    The only big disadvantage and this function is that it is available only in firmware CyanogenMod. Already, you can join the beta testers (if you have 5 Nexus, Nexus 7 or OnePlus One). To participate in the testing need to be registered on the official website.

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