Australian bought Chromebooks have not yet announced HP

Australian bought Chromebooks have not yet announced HP


    turns, going to the electronics store for a certain device can finish something unexpected. Such a case occurred in users of the website Reddit under the pseudonym “lachlanlikesathing”, which went to a local shop for a laptop computer HP Chromebook 11, but eventually bought an unidentified device that HP has not yet even announced.

    Загадочный HP Chromebook
    Mysterious HP Chromebook

    User mysterious Chromebooks filmed on video, which implies that the laptop computer is very similar to HP Chromebook 14, but has a more modest size. Model number of the described product – HP Chromebook 11-2001TU, and the shop where he was, still has a presence in about 20 such devices.

    Do not announced Chromebooks controlled by the processor Exynos 5 Dual, has a 11.6-inch LED backlit display, wireless modules Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, 16 GB of on-board space, and, of course, is endowed with Chrome OS from Google.

    remains to be seen when accidentally went on sale HP Chromebooks will be announced officially.

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