ASUS anniversary parade and novelties: Tablets transformers, padfony bright and powerful gaming laptops

ASUS anniversary parade and novelties: Tablets transformers, padfony bright and powerful gaming laptops


    In April this year, ASUS was 25 years old. Jubilee Taiwanese corporation noted in the Ukrainian representation ASUS, combining a holiday with presentation of new devices.

    Also interesting novelties and birthday cake, ASUS introduced the Ukrainian version of the site, where all the best for our device market with detailed descriptions and photos.

    The event took place at the restaurant, with beautiful grounds and a large lake where ducks swam peacefully, from time to time, the output greet guests on the terrace of the restaurant.

    25 лет ASUS

    However, in the preceding all this solemn official part was no less interesting. Still, today’s product portfolio presented ASUS motherboards and sound cards, network equipment, video cards, laptops, tablets transformers, smartphones, monitors, projectors, compact desktops and many other devices.

    Companies have much to be proud of – in many categories, it takes a significant market share (about how it all began, and what progress has been at the company for its 25-year history, read in a separate article.)

    Михаил Лукашевич глава представительства ASUS

    Michael Lukaszewicz, head of ASUS Ukraine, spoke about the Chinese concept of “gong heh.” Its essence – to thoroughly debugged and mutual cooperation among cooperatives. Americans borrowed this principle for its amphibious force, and the company ASUS uses to work with its partners.

    In addition, this year’s Ukrainian representative ASUS has prepared a separate gift for domestic users. In addition to opening a full-fledged Ukrainian-language site, ASUS became the first manufacturer in the Ukraine, to equip their laptops Ukrainian keyboard layout.

    In her place was found not only apostrophe, but icon hryvnia – ₴. Get a keyboard can not only buyers of brand new notebooks. Holders of any of the previous models of ASUS laptops can replace the keyboard with a new service centers.

    Евгений Севериновский
    On these pleasant news, market share and new devices, said Eugene Severinovsky, director of product-center ASUS. According to him, despite the decline in sales of laptops this year, ASUS has managed to increase its share, as compared with the first quarter of last year – 31.2% against last year’s 27.1%.

    And given the constant updating of lines productive brand new products, it is likely that in the coming quarters growth dynamics remain. In particular, one of the most interesting new advanced ASUS – a powerful 17-inch gaming notebook ASUS ROG G750JZ. About $ 2,000, he will offer the user everything he needs: efficient cooling, low noise, stable performance over a long period of time and, of course, an enviable performance.

    This processor Intel Core i7-4700HQ, graphics card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 880M c 4 GB of memory, HDD 2 TB and an opportunity to work for 1.5 hours at maximum load. In office mode ROG G750JZ promises to hold 3.4 hours.



    Business Laptops ASUSPRO series are characterized by their reliability, safety and the possibility of remote control using technology vPro. New items in this series come with Windows 8 on board, but at the same time, all models series continues to provide drivers for Windows 7.

    Of course, not without backlight keyboard and decent specifications: Processor Intel Core i7, graphics NVIDIA GeForce 730 (graphics in these laptops may be discrete or solutions based on Intel Iris). The starting price of the 14-inch model in ASUSPRO BU401LG carboxylic aluminum housing – $ 1100.

    A marker ASUSPRO B551LG got a 15.6-inch screen, video card NVIDIA GeForce 840 and an interesting feature – a compartment in which you can install the optical drive , an extra battery, or another hard drive. The price of this model starts at $ 1,200.


    In a segment share of ASUS tablets in Ukraine has also increased – from 11.9% to 14.6%. Among the new products – powerful tablet ASUS Transformer Pad TF303CL with 10.1-inch screen. The gadget is powered by an Intel Atom Z3745 1,83 GHz, has 2 GB of RAM and a 16 GB drive. Battery life – 10 hours. Keyboard in this model, as well as other updates, Transformers, is not equipped with a battery, whereby the price tags of these devices will now be more attractive. Price new keyboard – $ 560, and more affordable version of the TF103 will cost $ 380.

    7-inch ASUS MeMO Pad7 ME176C attractive more affordable price – only $ 200, and the bright hues of the case – blue, red, yellow, black, white. It is based on a 4-core Intel Atom Z3745 processor with a frequency of 1.83 GHz and can provide 9 hours of battery life. As an OS installed Android 4.4.

    Another novelty – ASUS Padfone mini PF400CG – tablet and smartphone in one device. With the help of fans reading and watching movies can always increase the 4-inch screen of your smartphone by simply inserting it into the body of a 7-inch tablet. Model on the Intel Atom Z2560 (1,6 GHz) will be available in a version with two SIM-cards and is available in five different colors. Like the previous model, Padfone mini PF400CG interface supports ZenUI, which, in particular, allows you to set the color of the menu interface, similar to the shade of the housing.


    ASUS Padfone mini PF400CG

    Three Pillars units ASUS Open Platform: motherboards, which are issued by the company since its inception, and has already become legendary series components Republic of Games (ROG), presented in 2006, and motherboard series The Ultimate Force (TUF), since 2008, received a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.

    In motherboards, ASUS Open Platform world presents different components, peripherals, network equipment, monitors, projectors and more.






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