ARM prepares the operating system mbed OS

ARM prepares the operating system mbed OS


    ARM готовит операционную систему mbed OS

    Well-known company ARM, whose processors are used in millions of today’s mobile devices, and is also developing energy-efficient processors, designed for wearable gadgets, home automation systems and other devices that fall under the concept of “Internet of Things”.

    Now, instead of developers to invent their own system of communication with refrigerators toasters, smartphones with switches and door locks, and so on, ARM proposes to merge these devices on a single platform, which acts as an operating system developed by mbed OS.

    mbed OS designed for devices with processors ARM Cortex-M and includes a communication system, device management and security. So make life easier for producers who do not need to write their own firmware for various devices.

    The operating system is free, but users will be able to obtain a license for the software mbed Device Server, which will allow the device to connect to cloud services.

    ARM Partners to develop this platform became IBM, Freescale, Marvell and Atmel. It is expected that testing mbed OS will run until the 4th quarter of this year, and commercial products with this OS will be available in 2015.

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