ARM is a new graphics solutions for mobile devices Mali

ARM is a new graphics solutions for mobile devices Mali


    The British company ARM developer officially announced the replenishment of product portfolio with several new families of Mali graphics solutions aimed at use in portable electronics and mobile devices.

    Among the novelties included three of the video in the face Mali-T820, Mali-T830 and Mali-T860, respectively intended for gadgets elementary, middle and high class and provides a significant performance increase compared to the previous generation of GPU.


    This decision Mali T800 series are based on the same industry-standard architecture Midgard, that in the lines and GPU Mali 600 and Mali 700, and the promised improvements are realized through technological improvements.

    For example, the performance Mali-T820 is 40 percent higher than Mali-T622, a flagship Mali-T860 surpasses Mali-T628 by 45 percent in terms of energy efficiency.

    In addition to the above-mentioned video accelerator also announced GPU Mali-V550 and the display controller Mali-DP550, and the first gadgets with new graphics are expected in late 2015 or early 2016.

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