ARM: 64-bit Android-plates appear at the end of this year

ARM: 64-bit Android-plates appear at the end of this year


    Last year, Apple introduced the iPhone 5S, which features a 64-bit processor. From now on Android-smartphone manufacturers are trying to catch up with Cupertino and present your product back, writes CNET News ITPredstavitel spoke with CEO Tom ARM Lunches, Courtyard surrounds said that 64-bit tablets appear before the end of this year. “Of course, at the moment there is crazy demand for 64-bit mobile products.

    We see it in our powerful 64-bit processor [Cortex] A53. At first we were surprised that 64-bit processors have become more focused on mobile devices. These include company Qualcomm, MediaTek and Marvell “, – shared his thoughts Lunch.

    It is expected that Qualcomm will present its 64-bit Snapdragon-s (808 and 810) in early 2015.
    Remains a mystery, when we see the 64-bit version of the operating system Android. Perhaps it will present together with such as the Nexus devaysami 8 or the next generation of Nexus 10.

    Lunch also added that all the software will run faster, even the existing 32-bit code will run more smooth on 64-bit V8-A-architecture ARM, compared with the native 32-bit architecture.
    With the release of 64-bit software products will change completely – an era of applications of the future.

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