Archos officially unveiled cheap glasses virtual reality

Archos officially unveiled cheap glasses virtual reality


    Company Archos has officially unveiled the virtual reality glasses Archos VR Glasses, through which she hopes to find its niche in the young but fast-growing market. In order to make their product competitive, Archos has decided to sell a novelty record low price: just £ 24,99 ($ ​​29,99). It is much cheaper than Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift or Sony Project Morpheus.

    This low price is because the glasses and lenses are made of plastic. As Google Cardboard glasses and Samsung Gear VR, new Archos VR Glasses are designed to work in tandem with a smartphone. Development of Archos is mounted on the user’s head, and in a special compartment inserted smartphone.

    Glasses are universal, but the manufacturer recommends the use of smart phones with high-resolution screen and a diagonal of at least 5 inches. It is desirable to have at least a 4-core processor and a full set of motion sensors (accelerometer, gyroscope, etc.).

    Archos still does not reveal all the details about the new product, but it is known that her glasses will be compatible with more than a hundred specialized applications. In addition, with the release of the next version of Archos Video Player, users can watch movies in 3D-stereoscopic mode.

    Glasses of virtual reality Archos VR Glasses go on sale next month.

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