Apple may launch its own payment system soon

Apple may launch its own payment system soon


    As the site 9to5Mac, Apple is in talks with major retail stores and retail chains about some new “mobile payment system.”

    Apple может запустить собственную платежную систему в ближайшее время

    A source close to the “apple” of reports that Apple is trying to test the waters, starting with branded boutiques and shops selling expensive “branded” clothing and other premium products.

    According to rumors, the new payment system Apple is tightly integrated with devices that are running iOS. In other words, the owners of iPhones (and other i-devices) will be able to purchase physical goods such as via the Internet and in retail stores, paying several tapami on the screen of the mobile device.

    At the moment, discussions with potential partners of retail construction is designed to consider the subtleties unified platform mobile payments. Well thought through the possibility of widespread introduction of Bluetooth-label iBeacons, which can become part of the infrastructure of digital commerce in physical stores.

    Rumors of Apple creating a payment system have been circulating for years, but their concentration increased markedly in 2014, which may indicate that the platform is almost ready to launch.

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