Apple launched its payment system

Apple launched its payment system


    99_29_992909_1413871235_300x225 American corporation Apple on Monday launched in the United States own payment system Apple Pay, September 9-announced during the presentation of the new devices.

    According to TASS, currently calculated using a mobile wallet from Apple can only owners of smartphones iPhone 6 and iPhone Plus. The new payment system operates in more than 220 thousand. Stores, including fast food restaurants McDonald`s.

    Apple CEO Tim Cook at the same time said that the company has signed agreements with 500 banks and three payment systems – Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

    In addition, Apple has combined system Pay with accounts of iTunes and its own store of electronic applications App Store, in which data is stored about 800 million credit cards.

    Technology Apple Pay allows you to make contactless purchases in traditional stores using smart phones instead of credit cards. In order to pay for your purchases, you need to bring your phone to the PayPass terminal and go through fingerprint identification using the Touch ID.

    If the data card, with which the user wants to make a purchase, is not yet in the system, it will be enough to take a picture, and then the device will detect the card itself.

    According to the developers, the credit card data for non-contact your transactions will not get into the database stores, which will increase the security of the stored data on the card.

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