Apple is working on the creation of a 12-inch MacBook without active cooling system

Apple is working on the creation of a 12-inch MacBook without active cooling system


    Apple работает над созданием 12-дюймового MacBook без активной системы охлаждения

    According to new rumors, Apple will soon update its line of laptops MacBook Air. Also planned to create a new series of 12-inch notebooks, and later this year – the release of an updated series of laptops MacBook Pro. Yet it became known that the official announcement smart hours iWatch soon not take writes gadget news blog

    These assumptions came to us from a reliable source, the forum participant, and were confirmed by site MacRumours. “Tipster” claims that Apple is preparing to release a 12-inch notebook, which will be deprived of the trackpad buttons. But the most interesting – in this laptop is missing cooling fan. These facts suggest that the new 12-inch device would be a continuation line of ultrathin laptops MacBook Air.

    We remind you that the appearance of 12-inch notebooks in October 2013 predicted analyst at KGI Securities, Ming-Chi Kew.

    “We expect unprecedented opportunities from the 12-inch model, which will have a compact 11-inch laptop, but performance will escalate to the level of 13-inch devices. High resolution display support a high standard of image quality defined Retina MacBook Pro. The new product will be lighter and thinner than the current model MacBook Air, providing enhanced portability, as demanded in the era of cloud computing, “- says Kew.

    Trackpad future 12-inch laptop, devoid of buttons, will be equipped with additional sensors in order to duplicate the functionality of the current version of the trackpad with hardware buttons. This information coincides with the technology of Apple, recently secured a patent and describes the operating principle of the trackpad without buttons.

    “Tipster” site also said that soon will be an updated version of the laptop MacBook Air, but the release of the new MacBook Pro is not expected until September. About iWatch watches, he wrote that they really are in the works, but so far only in the prototype stage and expect their imminent appearance on the market is not necessary.


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