Apple is sued because of defective MacBook

Apple is sued because of defective MacBook


    Class action, with complaints of defective MacBook, was served on the company Apple, Fresh news from Gadget-Help

    According to a statement by Apple knew about technical problems laptop motherboard, but despite this device launched on the market.

    The plaintiffs are the owners of MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, which stopped working after a few months of work. Laptop Repair in both cases cost more than $ 300, then annoyed users decide to sue.

    With the support of experienced lawyers, who for the second time shlestnutsya with Apple lawyers in the courtroom, the plaintiffs have gathered information about all such cases, and concluded that the company knew about the defective motherboards. Despite this, the device appeared on store shelves in large numbers.

    If Apple is found guilty, the plaintiffs will receive not less than five million dollars – such sum requested attorneys for the unprecedented negligence towards buyers.

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