Apple iPad mini 3 and iPad Air 2 – Preliminary review and first impressions

Apple iPad mini 3 and iPad Air 2 – Preliminary review and first impressions


    Just over a month has passed since the last event Apple. In September were presented iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. And now the time has come for an update of other products. iPad, iPad mini, MacBook, iMac, Mac mini, OS X, iOS 8. Apple made ​​an exceptionally powerful, update of all. But the center of attention – certainly, iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3.

    Top news, perhaps, is the fact that both iPads (iPad 3 mini and iPad Air 2) will be available in gold color. Over Riyadh in honor of this gave the fireworks, and the streets of Stambul began mass festivities. We are also much more likely to celebrate the fact that black and white housing is still available.

    Все оттенки Apple iPad Air 2
    All shades of Apple iPad Air 2

    Apple iPad Air 2

    The main product of the evening was the iPad Air 2, while on the iPad mini 3 mentioned only briefly. A little later, you will understand why. The original iPad Air was extremely thin, but, as it turned out, this is not the limit.

    Housing iPad Air second generation became even thinner – it is now only 6.1 mm in thickness. At Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact, which we called the thinnest tablet, a thickness of 6.4 mm. That is formally Apple again ahead of the rest.

    Unless, of course, a third of a millimeter in fact something affects. From a hardware perspective iPad Air 2 is almost entirely copies iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus. Differences are not so many, and they can hardly be called significant.

    iPad Air 2 в сравнении с первым iPad
    iPad Air 2 in comparison with the first iPad

    Толщина корпуса iPad Air 2
    Case Thickness iPad Air 2

    The screen resolution is not changed – it’s still 2048×1536 pixels on the IPS-matrix. Between the outer glass and the matrix itself is now no air gap. Visually, the picture seems to be closer, but it is not important.

    The main thing that stray reflections becomes smaller, and the readability of the sun is greatly increased. Screen size remains at 9.7 inches.

    In addition, there are anti-glare, oleophobic layer and other snake familiar bells and whistles.

    Структура дисплея iPad Air 2
    Display structure iPad Air 2

    With the exception of the thickness, the size of iPad Air 2 do not differ on the size of the original model: 240 mm in height and 169.5 mm in width. Weight in the model with Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + Cellular is a little different. Last 7 grams heavier – only 444

    The CPU Apple A8X works in tandem with the coprocessor M8, which performs exactly the same function as in the iPhone – receives and processes data from all sensors: a barometer, gyroscope, compass and so on.

    This allows you to save battery power. But, by the way, for this part, too, all unchanged – in the mode of the video player iPad Air operates 2 to 10 hours. As much in the mode of browsing over Wi-Fi and up to 9 hours in the case of web surfing on 3G / LTE.

    Объектив встроенной камеры Apple iPad Air 2
    Camera lens Apple iPad Air 2

    The camera in the iPad Air 2 got a little better. So, unfortunately, the people with the tablet as a camera in the near future there will be more. Changes are mostly of the same nature as that of the iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus.

    8-megapixel sensor made by technology BSI-CMOS (back-illuminated), and the lens has a high aperture – f / 2.4. Let me remind you, the iPhone was 6 f / 2.2, but the difference is negligible. Enhanced Face Detection, the ability to focus on touch, burst mode – this is no surprise.

    However, panoramic photography is able to pleasantly shock – iPad Air 2 allows you to store panoramic images with resolutions up to 43 megapixels.

    As for the video, that is, the ability to shoot Full HD at 30 frames per second and HD at 120 frames per second. Roughly the same capabilities could boast and iPhone 6, but it gives 60 fps in Full HD recording.

    The front camera differs slightly larger aperture – f / 2.2 – but lower resolution – 1.2 megapixels. But all this mode is used to record video – get honest HD.

    Touch ID в Apple iPad Air 2
    Touch ID in the Apple iPad Air 2

    Center button now has a fingerprint reader Touch ID. It can be used to unlock the tablet, as well as for shopping in AppStore, iTunes and so on. Work – again – everything is exactly as on the iPhone.

    Yes, you can use Touch ID instead of a password. Yes, you can save scans fingerprints of different fingers and use them for different purposes. In general, this is not really enough tablets Apple.

    Устройство сенсора Touch ID в Apple iPad Air 2
    Sensor device Touch ID in the Apple iPad Air 2

    And, of course, Apple Pay. iPad Air 2 supports this system, and it will work in the United States as early as Monday, October 20.

    Цены Apple iPad Air 2
    Prices Apple iPad Air 2

    Well, the main thing – time and money. The most affordable iPad Air 2 (16 GB, Wi-Fi) will cost $ 499, the most expensive (128 GB, Wi-Fi + Cellular) – $ 829. Online orders in the United States will take on 17 October.

    Apple iPad mini 3

    When the iPad Air 2 in the end will cost a little less than the original model, the iPad mini 3 for some reason is more expensive. A central paradox in the fact that the older iPad really brings a lot of innovations and iPad mini 3 did not get anything except the sensor Touch ID and gold body.

    Все оттенки Apple iPad mini 3
    All shades of Apple iPad mini 3

    Общий вид Apple iPad mini 3
    General view of the Apple iPad mini 3

    Apple iPad mini 3 в игровом режиме
    Apple iPad mini 3 in the game mode

    Obviously, this is why the presentation of it mentioned only in passing. I am really convinced that the iPad mini – a product of the right and good, but before holders of tablet fry with apple did not have any restrictions, but now they will. Older iron, no anti-reflective layer on the screen, no improvement on the camera.

    Touch ID в Apple iPad mini 3
    Touch ID in the Apple iPad mini 3

    Цены Apple iPad mini 3
    Prices Apple iPad mini 3

    All of this is very similar to update iPad with Retina-display when all the innovations were limited to the replacement of the 30-pin connector on the Lightning. But now everything is a little different case.

    In fact there is no point in buying a iPad mini 3, if you have a iPad mini 2. Well, do not pay extra on top of a $ 100 for the opportunity to unlock the touch of a finger.

    Something else

    However, Apple has indeed been a lot of new products. iPad Air 2 – the central event, of course. The second most important, I would call announcement iMac with Retina-display. New matrix, however, receive only the older 27-inch model, and its resolution is 5120×2880 pixels. In fact 5K.

    Content, as correctly pointed our readers in Facebook are unavailable. But in this case we are not talking about playing content at native resolution – it’s only aesthetics. All applications will retain the usual scale, but will look clearer and more enjoyable.

    Apple iMac 27 с Retina-дисплеем
    Apple iMac 27 with a Retina-display

    After MacBook Pro with Retina-display you can not look at the screen of MacBook Air. They will appear to you too fuzzy. The same thing will happen with the new iMac.

    Apple iMac 27 с Retina-дисплеем
    Apple iMac 27 with a Retina-display

    Case iMac became even thinner, but it is a known trick. Apple stably reduces the thickness at the edges of the housing, while the central part remains fairly thick. Well, then, it’s a desktop computer, and hence changes in the “Waist” all sidelined.

    I will add that the basic version have Intel Core i5 processor with four cores and 3.5 GHz, and 8 GB of RAM and a hybrid drive Fusion Drive. Configure the iMac can be very flexible, but that we’ll have a review.

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