Apple first started selling reconditioned Apple Watch

Apple first started selling reconditioned Apple Watch


    Apple started selling its online store recovered Smart Watches Apple Watch. It happened for the first time since the release of smart hours Apple spring 2015 year.

    in the American online store section with remanufactured Apple Watch currently includes models Apple Watch Series 1 and Series 2 Apple Watch with declining prices from 14% to 16%, depending on the configuration. Original Apple Watch recovered are not offered.

    version of the aluminum and steel are available in sizes 38 and 42 mm. Aluminum Apple Watch models start from $229 for 38 mm version, which is a discount of $40. Apple Watch steel 42 mm version start from $469, representing $80 discount. All recovered smart Apple Watch watches include Chargers and cables and a full one-year warranty, as well as completely new Apple Watch.

    recall recovered Apple products represent used devices that have passed in the company of “recovery” process before reselling, passed the appropriate tests for performance, functionality, got a replacement of defective components and so on.

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