Android takes photos and videos, without the user’s knowledge (video)

Android takes photos and videos, without the user’s knowledge (video)


    Android снимает фото и видео без ведома пользователя (видео)
    Inventor Szymon Sidor found a “feature” of the operating system Android, which allows attackers to silently news for the owner of the photo – and video cameras portable devices. Under normal conditions, the camera automatically triggers the activation of the application corresponding to it, with viewfinder, settings and other functions, however, some applications allow you to record without displaying an image on the screen of the smartphone or tablet, but they still appear in the list of running applications and attentive user will notice a anomalous activity.

    But here, as it turned out, there is a loophole for example, alert you to events in social networks can come even when specific applications for them are not running, ie You can create an application for a camera that works on the same principle. That is precisely what Szymon Sidor. The latter problem, which remained in front of him – to find a way to get rid of these notifications. Proper security system Android operating system does not allow them to stop, but after several attempts the solution was found: just set the size of icons notice equal to 1×1 pixel and the user will never find it, even if he knows where to find it (thanks to displays with resolutions as high that exceed the capabilities of the human eye.)

    Thus, all the necessary capabilities for covert shooting lay on the surface and realize they are not too difficult. At the moment, to protect themselves against such espionage can only be carefully looking for permission to install applications (eg, “fair” text editor is unlikely to require access to the camera device) and viewing statistics applications to exchange network traffic and use of system resources.

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