An overview of gaming notebook ASUS G550J

An overview of gaming notebook ASUS G550J


    00 will be discussing the gaming notebook ASUS G550J in this review. The ASUS model N550JK is also available with 4 GB less RAM and is available in different colors. Designed for multimedia desktop replacement to “pull” and the Internet, and movies, and modern games.

    As for performance, both the notebooks look attractive: the quad-core Intel Core i7-4700HQ with “initial-gaming” video card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 850M promises excellent performance, and IPS-display with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels – saturated picture and good viewing angles. Naturally, ASUS N550JK is a more attractive solution for those on a budget; the model comes at a large price break in exchange for the smaller amount of RAM.


    Gaming Notebook ASUS G550J
    Monitor: 15,6 ” 1920×1080, IPS, 154 PPI, matt
    Processor: Intel Core i7-4700HQ (4 cores / 8 threads, 2.4 / 3.4 GHz, 6MB L3, 47 Watts)
    Memory: 2 8 GB, DDR3, 1600 MHz, Dual Channel
    CPU/GPU: Dual Channel Built-in CPU chip Intel HD Graphics 4400 (200/1000 MHz)Discrete GPU NVIDIA GeForce GTX 850M (4 GB, DDR3)
    SSD(NoHard drives): 1 x 1 TB,
    7200 rev / min (HGST HTS21010A9E630)1 x 1 TB,
    7200 rev / minPorts and connectors3x USB 3.0,
    1x HDMI,
    1x Mini DisplayPort,
    1x RJ-45
    1x 3,5 mm TRRS,
    1x card reader (SD / MMC [ 1999006]Wireless interfacesWi-Fi IEEE 802.11b / g / n,
    Bluetooth 4.0Optical drive
    DVD Super MultiWeb CameraHD
    Battery 59 Wh Power supply
    Dimensions (WxDxH)383x255x27,7 mmWeight2.6 kg


    The gaming notebook ASUS G550J comes in the box, the design of which is made in the same colors as the laptop itself. Inside I found, besides the devaysa, power supply 120 watts and a cloth to wipe the screen and other surfaces from fingerprints.

    gaming notebook asus g550j
    Package gaming notebook ASUS G550J

    As I said, the design of ASUS G550J much closer to the line of multimedia laptops ASUS, rather than to the game. For example, gaming ASUS G750JZ with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 880M is more like a powerful sports car. Nevertheless, ASUS G550J looks interesting, aggressive and definitely  not cheap; with ASUS iridescent pattern and typical metal cover for laptops as well as metal topkeys, the only plastic of the laptop is just the bottom panel.

    gaming notebook ASUS G550J
    Gaming notebook ASUS G550J

    gaming notebook ASUS G550J
    Gaming notebook ASUS G550J and its packaging

    gaming notebook ASUS G550J
    Open gaming notebook ASUS G550J

    gaming notebook ASUS G550J
    Open gaming notebook ASUS G550J

    gaming notebook ASUS G550J
    Open gaming notebook ASUS G550J

    In addition to the red metal strip bordering topkeys, highlighted in red, and symbols on the keyboard ASUS G550J. It perfectly complements its aggressive exterior gaming. Highlighting your keyboard, of course, also red, with three levels of brightness. The keys are quite deep stroke for comfort when typing complaints. Arrows are not reduced in size, but not separated from the rest. Klikpad is of sufficient size to replace the mouse, its surface is smooth, the movement of the finger does not interfere, it works without any unforeseen surprises.

    Топкейс ASUS G550J
    Topkeys ASUS G550J

    Кликпад ASUS G550J
    Klikpad ASUS G550J

    On the weight and dimensions of our guinea fits into the class of conventional multimedia notebooks, but not pulling ultrabook – still almost 28 mm thickness. Weight 2.6 kilograms lets you carry it with you, but of course, it’s not a tablet to take it everywhere and always.

    On the rear face of any ports that would stretch far, no. Only the name of the laptop model. Located on the front of a variety of indicators and sound outlet.

    Передняя грань ASUS G550J
    Front side ASUS G550J

    Задняя грань ASUS G550J
    The rear facet ASUS G550J

    Most of the left side of the densely studded with ports. Located to the left of the socket for the charger, after talking a port for connecting an external subwoofer, which is attached to all multimedia notebook ASUS. We have already talked about it in the review ASUS N550JV – a small cylinder, which is placed next to a laptop, as the entries are very short, and is trying to portray the low frequencies. It sounds much more confident than any built in the body of the laptop subwoofers, but against the background of high-grade counterparts loses its charm.

    Near the port for the subwoofer is the RJ-45 socket, has not yet lost its relevance, then two video interface: familiar and found in almost every laptop HDMI and, conversely, a rare guest on board laptops – Mini DisplayPort. Rounding out the parade of two USB 3.0 and 3.5 mm plug TRRS, aka mini-jack for connecting a headset.

    Левая грань ASUS G550J
    The left side ASUS G550J

    Most of the right side is occupied by the tray DVD-RW-drive, the remaining space is divided between a card reader, a USB 3.0 port and a slot for Kensingtoskogo castle. Are you still using an optical drive?

    Правая грань ASUS G550J
    Right side ASUS G550J

    The bottom panel, as I mentioned above, is made of plastic. Attention is drawn to a small number of openings for ventilation. Blown so can not be seen – they are hidden in the place of articulation of the lid with his body.

    Нижняя крышка ASUS G550J
    Lower Cover ASUS G550J

    Even not in the top-end system, ASUS engineers use two fans to cool the CPU and GPU. So there is hope for quiet and efficient operation. Noteworthy audio – ASUS G550J in just four dynamics.

    ASUS G550J без нижней крышки
    ASUS G550J without the bottom cover


    The 15.6-inch ASUS G550J made by technology IPS, has a Full HD resolution and a matte finish – and better than you can imagine. This means that the user is waiting for a clear picture with good viewing angles and vivid colors. Subjectively, all the way and looks – Screen ASUS G550J pleases and in movies, and in games, and the rest. And yet look at him intently.

    The brightness white luminance in cd / m2 Luminosity black, cd / m2 Static Contrast 0%18.10∞100%325.30.47690

    Minimum brightness threshold allows you to comfortably operate even in the darkest conditions. Maximum brightness for outdoor use is not very suitable, but in the light-flooded room problems should arise, the display has a matte anti-glare coating. Contrast by the standards of the matrices of laptops is very good. The only complaint – on the average brightness sometimes can be seen flickering lights. Some do not notice it, others can not work with it, so I advise you to make sure before buying their own eyes that you are satisfied.

    Before calibration After calibration sRGB93% [1,999,006]94% [1,999,006]Gamma2.42.4TemperatureBy 8600By 8400Contrast630650DeltaE5.111.27

    Despite the fact that the screen image ASUS G550J looks juicy and bright, adjust the screen is not ideal. Deviations gamma (2.4 instead of 2.2), because of which the dark halftones are slightly merge; too cold group, due to the high color temperature (8600 K instead of 6500 K) and, finally, the color deviation DeltaE, equal to 5 – is not a reference result. But all this is not generally important for games and movies, and not worth the bother if you do not plan to work professionally on ASUS G550J with color photographs, design, etc. But the display has a high degree of coverage of the sRGB standard and good contrast and suitable for gaming just fine.

    The viewing angles of the display ASUS G550J


    In short, the ASUS G550J “charged” productive quad-core Intel Core i7-4700HQ, 16 GB of RAM and start gaming graphics card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 850M. For a complete happiness is not enough unless the SSD, but instead uses a hard drive to terabytes.

    Intel Core i7-4700HQ released in the second quarter of 2013. This processor has four physical cores, but handles up to eight threads simultaneously thanks to technology Hyper-Threading. Its TDP is equal to 47 watts, making it not the best choice for laptops, designed for long battery life. On the other hand, it provides a very high level of performance in two or more times higher than normal, and the more ultranizkovoltnye Intel’s fourth generation of the same. Its installation in ASUS G550J caused not much care about the ASUS those who day and night to convert and render the video much desire the full potential of the video card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 850M. Sales can also be found with a modification of dual Intel Core i5-4200H, whose productivity is exactly twice smaller than that of Intel Core i7-4700HQ.

    Характеристики процессора Intel Core i7-4700HQ
    Specifications Processor Intel Core i7-4700HQ

    In ASUS G550J set for optimal gaming notebook amount of memory – 16 GB. Two modules DDR3-1600 you can see if unscrew the bottom panel of the notebook, so that after the end of the warranty period is not difficult to replace them with his own. But to increase the amount in excess of 16 GB anymore. Also in our market there is a version with 8 GB and it can be quite limited, but, for example, Battlefield 4 will occasionally irritate memory messages.

    Characteristics of RAM ASUS G550J

    In addition to the built-in graphics accelerator CPU Intel HD Graphics 4600, the laptop is equipped with a discrete GPU NVIDIA GeForce GTX 850M. With this video series begins gaming solutions NVIDIA. There are two versions of this accelerator, but equally they are called, which creates some confusion, since the performance of their slightly different. In ASUS G550J used GeForce GTX 850M with four gigabytes of DDR3 memory and a nominal frequency of 936 MHz graphics core. “Another” GeForce GTX 850M is equipped with only two gigabytes of memory, but more modern and productive – GDDR5. But this graphics adapter graphics core frequency is below – 876 MHz. At the moment, both cards are the most advanced solutions in the middle class NVIDIA mobile graphics accelerators. On its suitability for games discussed in the section “Performance Testing”.

    <нет подписи>
    Features Hard disk HGST HTS21010A9E630

    The main and only drive in ASUS G550J data is normal (not hybrid) hard disk capacity of one terabyte HGST. Spindle speed in his 7200 rev / min instead of 5400 rev / min, as in most cases, the 2.5-inch hard drive, so no mSATA connector for the SSD ASUS G550J can survive. But to understand why it is not in a laptop of this class, still hard.

    In contrast to the high-end gaming laptops ASUS offers, G550J has a communication module Wi-Fi Standard IEEE 802.11b / g / n, and not faster 802.11ac. But you will hardly feel this lack, if you have no other home devices with a module of the same standard, between which you plan to transfer large amounts of data.

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