Amazon lost $ 170 million due to the smartphone Fire Phone

Amazon lost $ 170 million due to the smartphone Fire Phone


    It looks like a smartphone Fire Phone, presented with great fanfare last June, Amazon, joins a number of products that for whatever reason do not have success in the market and no demand from consumers.

    Anyway, CFO Amazon Tom Szkutak in conversation with investors in the third quarter admitted that the company’s losses associated with said mobile device, were $ 170 million, which is not too small even for such a major player in the market.

    Of course, the novice is quite difficult to break into the smartphone market, where leading giants such as Samsung and Apple, and recently beginning to play an active role Chinese vendors offering cheap gadgets with good functionality.

    At the same time, the Amazon Fire Phone available and their chips, including stereo speakers with virtual surround sound, plus 3D-interface based on a system of tracking the position of the user’s head.

    There is also a technology of Firefly, which allows the camera to recognize the book, DVD, CD, QR-codes, bar codes, URL, and by means of a microphone – music.

    Alas, the mass consumer, it seems, did not appreciate that.

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