Action R Rocket Skates – skating with electric

Action R Rocket Skates – skating with electric


    If you love to roller skate or just looking for a new and original way to travel through the city streets – then you should definitely pay attention on the draft Action R Rocket Skates, launched recently at the site Kickstarter.

    Developers of Los Angeles invite all wishing to participate in the support of the world’s first smart roller skates worn over your regular shoes. To start mass production of Action R reviewers project requires a total of 50 000, 17 000 of which they have managed to score at the time of this writing.

    “This roller skates equipped with electric motors. Simply hook them over your shoes and everything! Requires no remote controller. Just move like you used to, your hands will then be free, and skating will maintain performance you automatically. ”

    Roller skates are in contact with each other over a wireless network that allows them to maintain the same speed, and this, in turn, eliminate razezzhanie your feet to the side.

    Also skates will interact with the official app for smartphones that allows you to monitor their condition, adjust them to collect data on the run, and even publish the results of their races in social networks.

    The first lucky ones who support the project, will be able to Action R Rocket Skates for as low as 199 to 249 dollars. Retail same price will be $ 300 skates. You can support the project on the official website Kickstarter.

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