Acer has introduced a sombrero hat for self-shooting

Acer has introduced a sombrero hat for self-shooting


    Lovers of selfies can forget about the special holders that they had previously used in order to get the most interesting and high-quality picture. The fact that Acer has developed a hat that will help take pictures of a loved one. This is not a joke.

    Hat Acer Selfie-Hat was introduced by the British division of the company as part of a fashion show London Fashion Week, but to be precise, the maker of high-tech laurels sombrero hat-owned fashion designer Christian Cowan Sanluis.

    The beauty of its design lies not only in an interesting design, but also in the fact that Christian was able to integrate into the hat tablet Acer Iconia A-1840, which is responsible for shooting self. Just turn the hat to the desired angle, and you do not just self face, but also in the frame grab his new jewelry or hairstyle.

    ” When wearing hats users will also be able to easily access applications like Facebook and Instagram, without taking the tablet in hands “, – says Acer. If ordinary people are think that this element of the wardrobe at the time went to Lady Gaga, they are absolutely right: Acer says that such ” outfits ” have already been created for Lady Gaga, Rita Ora and Lee McFaul.

    Cost of interesting novelties available in the original pink version, is not specified.

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