Acer has introduced a new tablet in white casing

Acer has introduced a new tablet in white casing


    acer logo Recently, Acer has introduced a smartphone and smart bracelet. It would seem that all the new items on this exhausted. And as it turned out, had left another gadget – the tablet.

    The new model is called Iconia Tab 8.

    As the name suggests that the display size of 8 inches. He also has a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels with IPS-matrix. That the display was not your fingerprint and divorce – which is a frequent problem with this kind of gadgets, the display has a special coating that protects the screen from scratches, dust and fingerprints.

    a smooth transition to the technical part of a pleasant-looking gadget. The heart of the tablet became a quad-core Intel Atom Bay Trail Z3745, which gives 1.33 GHz clock speed per core. And that’s not all, if it will work in Turbo mode, the clock frequency can be 1.86GHz. In the body comfortably in stereo speakers. Devices and have a handy feature Acer Touch WakeApp, through which you can exit with a single touch to the display.

    weighs only 360 grams new, no cover. No data on the battery, but the manufacturer promises that the gadget will not work less than 7, 5:00. The tablet has Wi-Fi support and MIMO.

    So problems with Internet access you will not get the loan money on the passport you will be able to with this device. What else forgot to mention? Perhaps the fact that on one side there is a microSD card slot and runs all running Android 4.4. In sale model in white body made of durable plastic.

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