ABI Research told about the rapid growth of the market “Chromebooks”

ABI Research told about the rapid growth of the market “Chromebooks”


    349282-acer-chromebook-c720p-2600_300x225 According to a study known analytical agency ABI Research, in the second quarter of delivery “Chromebooks” increased by 67% compared with the previous trimester.

    It is expected that in 2014, total shipments of these devices will be doubled compared to the previous year.

    The leadership in this young segment continues to hold the company Acer (37% market share). It is even ahead of such powerful industry players like Samsung, Hewlett-Packard and Dell.

    The three leaders – Acer, Samsung and HP – together covered 74% of the market in the first half. It is expected that in the future they will build momentum.

    According to the analyst Stephanie Wang Vaktor (Stephanie Van Vactor), consumers want a device with a very low price, versatility and functionality of a traditional notebook.

    The rapid growth of the market “Chromebooks” demonstrates the formation of a new niche that has attracted the attention of various user groups.

    Initially, the development of a new direction has been very sluggish, but the education sector has become a key driving force behind the development of this market. The most popular “Chromebooks” are in North America.

    The region pripadaet 78% of the world market. The share of Asia-Pacific and Western Europe is expected to grow rapidly in the next five years.

    According to ABI Research, these devices can take an even greater share of the market for mobile devices than experts predicted previously.

    More and more manufacturers are interested in “Chromebooks” and sales also continue to grow.

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