7-inch IPS screen quad-core tablet, CUBE U25GT super Exposure

7-inch IPS screen quad-core tablet, CUBE U25GT super Exposure


    1 U25GT? How is U25GT? I believe the cool send this question to understand than the local Friends of the cube products. Indeed, around the 7-inch U25GT, CUBE has launched the single-core version of U25GT, dual-core version U25GT, dual-core Deluxe Edition U25GT there U25GT quad-core version and today’s exposure CUBE U25GT super version, this product is named yet really messed up enough + _ +. 2 abrasive side, CUBE U25GT super version basically follows the appearance of the older white panels, plastic body, thick borders, but for a low-end entry-level tablet, the presumably everyone’s accustomed to , surprising.

    Let’s look at the configuration, U25GT super edition 7-inch IPS screen with a resolution of the official did not mention, sorta is 1024 * 600; processor, the machine is equipped with a 1.3GHz quad-core MediaTek MT8127 (A7 architecture, 28nm process, GPU is quad-core Mali-450), and with 1G RAM +8 GB ROM; others, U25GT a super version of only the front camera, support GPS / Bluetooth / FM / WI-FI / HDMI / TF card expansion and other functions.

    price, the current temporary unknown, small projected at around $ 400. As for when the listing, please everybody concerned about the site follow-up reports.

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