3D-printer, a pen that does not use heat

3D-printer, a pen that does not use heat


    3D-принтер в виде ручки, не использующий нагрев

    The company Future Make showcased Polychrome World new 3D-printer, a pen Polyes Q1, which, unlike other similar devices, do not use the heating element.

    The starting material for producing a three-dimensional object is a special liquid resin, which is used to harden the ultraviolet radiation. Thus, manufacturers have gone from an extrusion technology, which uses a heating element capable of leaving the user’s skin burns. New also does not exude odors at work.


    The creators Polyes Q1 plan to soon create a project on the service Kickstarter to raise funds for the release of their offspring. The estimated cost of such a portable 3D-printer is not reported.

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